If you have pro-consumer camera or higher but yours pictures are poor. If you see some really strange labels on cam like Av, Tv, M or even terrible and you don`t know what they are for. If you are looking for new interesting and demanded profession - you in right place. Teacher of photography in Moscow Photo Academy with more then 10 years of experiance is ready to serve, teach and consult
My course is adapted for 18+ persons. After this course you will never ever scared by terms like DOF, ISO, shutter, aperture, white balace, focal range, crop-factor, RAW, composition etc. Full range contain 9 theoretical on-line or off-line lessons. Each lesson contains analysis of your homework and theoretical part, adapted to your level of perception. But can be compacted to less, if you know basics

Course terms

this course is designed for 18+ students, who are making first steps in the world of photo. All following themes are included to author basic course

  • Additional optical instruments (extension rings, extenders)
  • Author rights
  • Bar chart (histagram)
  • Basics of composition
  • Bokeh & DOF
  • Camera construction. Classification
  • Composition techniques
  • Crop-factor
  • Digital imgage postprocess
  • Dynamic range
  • Equipment
  • Exposition. Methodology of measuring. Measuring systems
  • Focal range
  • History of the photography
  • Image catalogisation. Lightroom basics
  • Landscape basics
  • Legal aspects of shooting
  • Matrix of digital camera
  • Mobile light sources. Exponometry. Creative use
  • Model release
  • Monocle. Pinhole
  • Optics. Lenses. Classification. Main characteristics.
  • Overview of literature & information sources
  • Paint with light. Frislite. Light pen
  • Photo filters
  • Photoshop. Basics
  • RAW format
  • Reflectors. Creative use
  • Report photography. Basics
  • Safety of photographer
  • Shutter speed, aperture & ISO. Aperture priority, Shutter priority modes
  • Still life. Basics
  • Studio light. Basics. Modifications
  • System & non-system accessories
  • White balance. Basics & creative use

What you get?

  • technical and technological bases necessary for the development of you as a professional photographer
  • basic shooting skills in major photographic genres
  • certificate of attendance
  • confidence in communicating with your camera
  • go through the first step in mastering photography as a profession

What you NOT get?

  • Bad promises that you will build your vision or train your observation. Developing your own handwriting, learning how to disassemble and see - this is not a single year process. And not just single teacher possible target. But I will introduce you technology my approach and my vision.
  • Empty words about how to organize the shooting, how to communicate with the model, how to choose the location, where to rent a dress, etc. If you are a human - you already have these skills. Of course you have to strain your laziness and imagination a bit. But in essence, there is your individuality and creativity

Course program

Lesson 1

  • 3D world & the 2D image
  • Picture brightness
  • Sensitivity (ISO)
  • Shutter speed
  • Aperture
  • Exposure
  • Exposure priority
  • Aperture priority
  • Manual mode
  • Exposition correction
  • Measuring modes

Lesson 2

  • Literatute
  • Dynamic range
  • Lenses
    • Focal range
    • Crop-factor
    • Lenses marking
    • Optical schemas
    • Aperture as part of lens
    • Bayonet
    • Resolution
    • Chromatic aberrations, distortions, vignetting
    • Minimal focusing distance
    • Accessories
  • Deep of the field (DOF)

Lesson 3

  • Camera types & principal constructions
  • Camera sensor
  • Shutter
  • RAW
  • White balance
  • Focusing

Lesson 4

  • Composition. Techniques
  • Report. 101

Lesson 5

  • Composition. Building the frame
  • Lights basics
  • Still life. 101

Lesson 6

  • History of photo
  • Portrait
    • Genre 101
    • Lighting
    • Cropping

Lesson 7

  • System & non-system accessories
  • Landscape & architectural basics
  • Photo filters

Lesson 8

  • Impulse light sources
  • Flash

Lesson 9

  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • Image storage & cataloging




Group lessons are located in our studio, placed in Domodedovo city, Moscow reg, Russia. Expenses for other other place are not included

  • Number of studens in a group: 3-6
  • Duration: 9 weeks
  • 1 lesson a week
  • Each lesson leighs 3 hours
  • Each lesson contains parsing of homework and lecture
  • The schedule and the start date for the group`s training are determined with the end of the group set



Individual lessons are held at home by prior arrangement. Expenses outside the Moscow region are not included

  • Duration: 9 weeks
  • 1 lesson a week
  • Each lesson leighs 3 hours
  • Each lesson contains parsing of homework and lecture
  • Schedule and start date are determined by mutual agreement
  • Cource can be paid by 2 steps

Individual online


Individual on-line courses via Zoom or Skype

  • Duration: 9 lessons
  • Once a week, twice a week, two week intensive course
  • Additional listener: $15 per lesson
  • Each lesson leighs about 3 hours
  • Each lesson contains parsing of homework and lecture
  • Each lesson, except first should be prepaid within 48 hours
  • When paying for the whole course - a discount of $50 available
  • If you see this line - you can save money. Become my first english-speaking REMOTE student and get 50% off for whole course


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